Sony Professional


In line with its increasing focus on customer-centricity, Sony Professional wanted to re-visit its European website to ensure it delivered a better user experience for all its target audiences.


Research showed that among professional users, individual needs really were unique – to the point where there was no ‘typical’ user, even in a given sector. So we understood that we had to make the site as intelligent as possible, giving it the ability to react to individual users’ unique needs, and to deliver tailored content in real time.


We introduced ‘super asset’ functionality, creating a banner area with the capacity to deliver highly targeted, dynamic content. The super assets deliver messaging updates in real time according to the user’s activity on the site, such as displaying promotions on products they have viewed.
All user activity on the site is tracked by a CRM system, ensuring that all communications with each individual remain personal, relevant and integrated across all platforms.
We are currently helping Sony to roll out the website globally.