Beckman Coulter


Beckman Coulter had created a breakthrough for Vitamin D diagnostics in their new Total Assay.
With unique qualities that made it more reliable and efficient than competitor products, Beckman Coulter had a real opportunity to stand out in the field.


We realised that Beckman Coulter needed to appeal to two distinct audience groups: Lab Managers and Clinical Chemists. This meant finding a key message that could appeal to each group. We also decided to divide communications to appeal specifically to each individual audience group. Confidence was an advantage that appealed to each audience group as it was a key, unique benefit of Beckman Coulter’s Assay. Their distinct Assay meant that both Managers and Chemists could have increased confidence in the service they provide.


To reflect this confident positioning, we developed a confident tone of voice and imagery to work across a print campaign and microsite. By focusing on the end benefit their technology provides to each distinct audience group, Beckman Coulter was able to make their Assay stand out from the competition.